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Mat Burger

Alter: 33

Herkunft: Wanne Eickel

Set-Up: Mat Burger Deck 7.88" - Venture Trucks

Favorit Spot to Skate: Mabeg

Inspired by: Danny Way, Chris Miller, Jason Lee,

Jeremy Wray, Eric Koston

Why do you Skate: I Love to push the Limits higher an higher,

always looking for the perfect ride.

Best day skaten was: The Day i started to Skate.

FUCKUALL IS? Urban Lifestyle Culture

Alex Siegfried

Alter: 23

Herkunft: Kirgistan (Russland)

Set-Up: fua board and wheels, Venture trucks, Swiss bearings

Favorite spot to skate: Street

Inspired by: everything and everyone

Why do you skate: it is essential for me

Best skating da: the day I started

FUCKUALL IS? My attitude

Oleg Engelhardt

Alter: 24

Herkunft: Paderborn

Set-Up: FUA Faith Brett 8,0, Indy trucks, Bs. 51 wh., Flip bearings

Favorite spot to skate: alle spots mit den homies in Paderborn

Inspired by: Schönem Wetter und zusammen sein mit den Jungs

Why do you skate: Weil jeder Tag mit dem Brett ein schöner Tag ist

Best skating day: Jeder Tag an dem ich skaten kann

FUCKUALL IS? Fuck you all!!


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